READ ME FIRST -- New Registrations

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READ ME FIRST -- New Registrations


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Hi all,

The SFBAAPS community welcomes you to our freshwater plant enthusiast forum. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and are interested in aquatic plants you have come to the right place. Please understand that this is a community run site and as such new accounts are approved and activated as soon as one of the admin staff can get to activate your account. Below are a few things that can help speed up your activation.

1. Use your real name for your username. Usernames like FishGuy or AquaGirl15 will not be approved. Similarly, usernames such as JohnS or JennP will be rejected. The proper syntax is Firstname Lastname (i.e. Will Carlson not willcarlson).

2. Ensure that a Bay Area area code and town/city name is entered in for your location.

3. Enter in a working email address. Registrations with a fake email will also be rejected.

Please understand that does not nor will ever share your information or location data (zipcode, Location, etc.) with any outside entities or companies. This information is required only for reasons of verifying and processing membership requests.


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